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 Staffing/Nurse Practice Committees

JNESO is fighting to ensure that Safe Staffing remains a focus at the bargaining table and throughout the duration of your contract. To that end, JNESO has fought for the creation of Staffing/Nurse Practice Committees where members will have the opportunity to regularly discuss nurse practice and staffing issues that impact your patients and your job every day.

Members of each committee will meet regularly with management to raise concerns and to help ensure that problems are properly addressed and rectified. These committees are critically important as we seek to improve working conditions and staffing levels at every JNESO facility throughout NJ and PA.

Space is limited on each committee, so please contact us today to serve
as a member of your staffing committee.

Some locals have negotiated sub-committees, shared governance committees or specific staffing review processes [committee specifics vary by contract].

Standing together is the only way we will make a difference in the staffing levels and working conditions at our facilities. Staffing & Nurse Practice committee members will be released from duty to participate in these important discussions, so please consider becoming a member or learning more.

To learn more about the staffing/nurse practice committees at your local, or to serve as a member of the committee, please contact JNESO Director of Practice Karen May at