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PEER REVIEW IS VOLUNTARY! YOU ARE NOT REQUIRED TO PARTICIPATE. You have the right to say, No Thank You! Participation or declining to participate is NOT part of the evaluation process.
EMPLOYER SURVEYS ARE VOLUNTARY! You are NOT REQUIRED to participate. You have the right to say; No Thank You!
DISCIPLINES: If you are called into a meeting that may lead to a discipline (no matter if it is called an investigatory, chat, SWAT, debriefing, after action review or root cause analysis) NOTIFY A STEWARD IMMEDIATELY! DO NOT FORFEIT YOUR WEINGARTEN RIGHTS!
STAY INFORMED DURING CONTRACT NEGOTIATIONS! Opt-in to receive text alerts concerning important notifications.
To opt-in for text alerts:
  1. In the To or Recipient area type: 292929
  2. In the Message area type: jneso.virtua
  3. Then hit send.
JNESO continues to meet with management regarding important issues directly affecting the terms and conditions of your employment. It is important that everyone remain engaged as we head into Contract Negotiations.
If you are not receiving email updates, please email Carol Muller at mullercnc24@aol.com
Continue to fill-out Short Staffing Forms if you feel your shift is understaffed or does not have adequate ancillary support!

VP Berlin

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VP Camden

Diane Williams
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Isabelle Braender
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Evangeline Smith
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Carol Muller
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Chief Steward

Jil Rimbeck
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Marlton Members: We are in urgent need of a Shop Steward at Marlton! To protect your legal employment rights, it is critical to have Stewards at Marlton. Please consider representing your colleagues by calling the JNESO office, or contacting a Local Officer.

Local News
Be sure to schedule mandatory training prior to preliminary schedule postings!
Article 26 of your contract, Education and In-Service Time: 26.5:
Employees will be paid at their base rate for the time spent in educational classes/in-service which are approved and/or assigned by the Nurse Manager. These hours will be part of the regular work week and regularly scheduled unless otherwise agreed upon between the employee and the Manager.

CHECK YOUR PATHWAYS: Concerns raised about meeting your obligations to transfer within your pathways. Article 49.1 of your contract addresses if a nurse does not have the training and/or experience to work in a certain clinical area of practice.

DENIAL OF PTO: Article 47 of your contract addresses Scheduling and Availability:
Request for the use of PTO time must be submitted to the manager on the approved request form. 
(8.h) Once the permanent schedule is posted, coverage for additional time off will be the responsibility of the employee. PTO approval shall not be unreasonably denied and request for additional time off shall be answered promptly. 

ON-GOING CANCELLATION/ ON-CALL ISSUE: Article 48.5 of your contract states: 
An employee who has been canceled may, by mutual agreement, be placed on call of the shift and if so designated, will be paid the applicable on-call rate for the hours on call. In the event that an employee is called into work from an on-call status, the employee will be paid at a rate of time and one-half for the hours worked. In the event that the Employer fails to call the employee’s home as set forth in Section 48.2 above and the employee is canceled upon arrival at work, the employee will be paid for two (2) hours.

Labor Rep

Ellena Osborne
(800) 292-0542 Ext x119

Meal Breaks: The Fair Labor Standards Act stipulates that ordinarily, an employer must pay workers if the break is less than 30 minutes. If the employer requires the employee to stay in his or her work area and perform any work, then the employer must pay the employee, even if the break is 30 minutes or more. Similarly, if the employer asks an employee to do any work during the break, it may have to pay for the entire break. This is the law. If a manager tells you otherwise, ask them to call the NJ Department of Wage and Hour to check at 609-292-1704. For questions, visit the US Department of Labor: Wage and Hour Division website

Safety and Security at the Workplace: Some Nurses have brought to our attention safety and security concerns working at the Emergency Department at the Virtua Voorhees and Camden locations. Some of these concerns include but are not limited to, patients coming in with a variety of weapons, short staffing, lack of security staff, long walks to parking spots at night, lack of metal detectors, and security cameras…etc.  Our local leadership is currently addressing these issues with Virtua. If you feel unsafe at work for any reason, first, call Virtua Security then call the Virtua Corporate Compliance Hotline at (800) 268-0502 to report the safety concern/incident.

It is JNESO’s obligation to preserve your rights, and we are committed to protecting your rights under collective bargaining. If you have any questions or concerns please contact your Labor Rep. Ellena Osborne.

Labor Rep


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