There’s a New Nursing Crisis in New Jersey

On July 31st, a press conference was held by Senator Loretta Weinberg and Senator Bob Gordon at the New Jersey Statehouse regarding Board of Nursing vacancies and the lack of leadership creating a license certification backlog for over 4,000 nursing professionals.

The Press Conference called on Governor Chris Christie to fill six Nursing Board vacancies on the 13-member board. The NJ Board of Nursing regulates the state’s nursing profession. The state nursing board is understaffed and underfunded resulting in unacceptable delays in licensing and certification for thousands of people who are trained and ready to begin working.

JNESO’s former Executive Director, Virginia Treacy at the microphone for the July 31st Press Event at the NJ Statehouse with Senator Gordon (left) and Senator Weinberg (right).

We will keep our members informed as this situation progresses.