Patient Safety Awareness Week

JNESO Celebrates Patient Safety Awareness Week

March 12th-18th

Patient Safety Awareness is sponsored by the The National Patient Safety Foundation: a nonprofit organization dedicated to creating a world where patients and those who care for them are free from harm.

A leader in advocating for patient safety since 1997, the National Patient Safety Foundation takes a collaborative approach partnering with patients and families, the health care community and key stakeholders to advance patient safety and health care workforce safety while disseminating strategies to prevent harm.

The organization offers membership, certification, educational programs, and a wide range of resources. NPSF is the founding organization of the United for Safety Patient Campaign and Patient Safety Awareness Week.

To learn more about the National Patient Safety Foundation and all that we do and have to offer health care professionals, patients, and families, and health care leaders, please visit www.NPSF.org for more information.

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The United in Patient Safety campaign culminates each year with Patient Safety Awareness Week, designed to mark a dedicated time and a platform to increase awareness about patient safety among health professionals and the public. This year, patient safety week is March 12-18, 2017.