International Day of Radiology: November 8th!

It's the 121st Anniversary of the Invention of the X-ray!

JNESO Celebrates our Radiologists!!!

The International Day of Radiology is building greater awareness of the value that radiology research, diagnosis, and treatment contribute to safe patient care, and better understanding of the vital role radiologists perform in healthcare delivery.

This year the day is dedicated to breast imaging and the essential role that radiologists play in the detection, diagnosis, and management of diseases of the breast.
JNESO recognizes the many innovations in radiology research that have revolutionized modern medicine, produced great technological leaps, enabled more effective and efficient care and saved countless lives. Moreover, modern medical technology provides people with less invasive methods of early cancer detection. The breast cancer death rate in the United States has dropped more than 30 percent since mammography use became widespread in 1990. In other countries where mammography screening programs are more organized and widespread, breast cancer deaths have nearly been cut in half. 
Radiology professionals are working together to inform patients about the valuable role medical imaging plays in patient care. For more information visit: RadiologyInfo.org, an important resource that explains medical imaging tests and treatments in detailed, easy-to-understand language, helping patients to understand and prepare for imaging procedures.