Political Action Network

Welcome to JNESO’s Political Action Network (PAN). Participating in the political process is an important way to ensure that state and federal legislators are aware of the issues affecting JNESO membership. Making sure legislators have the information they need from the people on the ground when they vote on a bill or introduce legislation. The PAN is an interactive tool for JNESO members to stay informed about the issues and decision-makers affecting our union. Here you will find:

  • Information about candidates who have stood with JNESO on the issues important to you, 
  • Opportunities to become involved with JNESO-supported candidates running for elective office,
  • Training for members who want to run for office. (NJ State AFL-CIO website) 

Explore the resources available through JNESO's PAN, please feel free to ask us a question or let us know something you’d like to see added (email us) and be sure to check back for updates.

JNESO will mobilize our members to contact their state and federal legislators regarding legislation important to patient safety, workplace safety and issues regarding licensure.