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Here are a few of the issues discussed at the September 14th Membership Meetings.
LVAD PATIENTS: With the exception of Cardiac Rehab, no policy exists at LVH-P regarding LVAD patient care. We were told at Labor Management Meetings that LVAD patients presenting in the ED would be immediately transported to Cedar Crest or the patient's primary hospital. This did not occur as EMTALA violations were raised. JNESO then requested numerous times that LVH-P craft an "emergency policy" and training to cover the liability of our RNs caring for LVAD patients. LVH-P has stated it plans to present a protocol regarding LVAD's at our October Labor Management Meeting. Remember, if you accept a patient assignment and are not competent in the delivery of care required YOU are liable for any negative outcome.
LAB BILLING: If your labs are sent off-site, you should not be charged! Please call HR Benefits and save all receipts for reimbursement.
TRANSPORTING MONITORED PATIENTS: JNESO has been raising the issue of cardiac monitors being removed during patient transports for years. LVH-P is finally looking in to securing Telepacks! Next is the issue of no 24/7 central monitoring.
NEURO/TRAUMA TRAINING: Has started at Cedar Crest. RNs raised concern of "mandatory training" being announced only days in advance, and "Meet the MD" meetings are scheduled at inopportune times during patient care.
FLU SHOTS: Started on October 2nd!
STAFFING ROUNDTABLE: Was a HUGE success! Your input is valuable in assessing the staffing of units. Thanks to all who participated!!
NEGOTIATIONS: Are about to begin! If you want to receive JNESO text alerts, send a text to 292929 and insert jneso.pmc. If someone you know isn't receiving email alerts have them give their PERSONAL E-MAIL address to a Local Officer, call the JNESO office at (732) 745-2776 or send an e-mail to KMay@jneso.org.
REMEMBER... an EDUCATED Membership is a STRONG Membership! 

Vice President

Kelly Bratcher
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Lori Deibler
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Patti Haelsig
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Annmarie Ruggiero
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Donna Brown
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Local News
May 2017: LVH-Pocono Officers hand out Nurses Day Gifts!

CONGRATULATIONS to Amanda Thinesen from NICU! Recipient of the 2017 JNESO "Virginia Spiegel Scholarship"! Amanda is completing her Masters in Nursing & will be sitting for her NP in Pediatrics. School, work & mother to an 18 month old little girl! We are SO PROUD of you Amanda!
Labor Rep

Karen May
(800) 292-0542 Ext x112

Eye on Your Contract:

CALLED TO A MEETING? - Please remember to contact a JNESO Officer/Steward if called to a meeting that could result in discipline [no matter what that meeting is called i.e. root cause, peer review, team building, investigatory]! This is your right!

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