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Mona Hartle
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President's Message

LVH-P JOB FAIR?: After 2 lay-offs in December and January, LVH-P announces a Nursing Job Fair in August on its Facebook and it has hired Agency RNs for the ED, Tele/PCU; and 4B! JNESO has contacted HR requesting confirmation that ALL laid-off RNs have been offered positions under their contractual recall rights.
LVAD PATIENTS: Recently a few LVAD patients were admitted to LVH-P. JNESO contacted HR regarding the absence of policies and training for RNs, putting their licenses in great jeopardy. There are clinical practice differences for these patients, such as Doppler BP, CPR, flow and pressure documentation, to name a few. Please remember to only accept assignments of patients you have been trained for and are competent at caring for….YOUR LICENSE AND PATIENT’S LIVES DEPEND ON IT!!
SHARED GOVERNANCE: The new CNO is inviting SG participants to meet.  JNESO sent a letter reminding her that all terms & conditions of employment are Mandatory Subjects of Bargaining and to discuss these items is a violation of the National Labor Relations Act. Please be mindful and report any concerns to your Local Officers.
NEGOTIATIONS: Your Negotiating Team is gearing up for fall bargaining! We will be designating time during all September 14th Membership Meetings to conduct a Staffing Roundtable. Please make sure a representative from your unit is attending and prepared with data on what RN staffing numbers are for each shift! This information is critical in our analysis of safe staffing needs during negotiations.

Vice President

Kelly Bratcher
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Lori Deibler
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Patti Haelsig
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Co-Chief Steward

Annmarie Ruggiero
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Donna Brown
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Local News
May 2017: LVH-Pocono Officers hand out Nurses Day Gifts!

CONGRATULATIONS to Amanda Thinesen from NICU! Recipient of the 2017 JNESO "Virginia Spiegel Scholarship"! Amanda is completing her Masters in Nursing & will be sitting for her NP in Pediatrics. School, work & mother to an 18 month old little girl! We are SO PROUD of you Amanda!
Labor Rep

Karen May
(800) 292-0542 Ext x112

Eye on Your Contract:

CALLED TO A MEETING? - Please remember to contact a JNESO Officer/Steward if called to a meeting that could result in discipline [no matter what that meeting is called i.e. root cause, peer review, team building, investigatory]! This is your right!

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