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Alvidia Ortiz
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President's Message

SHORT STAFFING is rampant in every unit at the hospital. Be aware of your true float blocks and be sure to fill-out Short Staffing Forms!
Make sure your Certifications are up-to-date!!!
Management has informed JNESO that the hospital seeks to move towards Magnet status. In order to do so, there are numerous steps that must be accomplished. One of them is employee engagement or what is called Practice Councils. Management is planning to recruit nurses to be part of this team. ALL JNESO MEMBERS MUST BE MINDFUL THAT ISSUES DISCUSSED THAT COULD AFFECT YOUR CURRENT CONTRACT COULD BE CONSIDERED UNLAWFUL, JNESO will respond to HUMC to bargain regarding Unit Councils or Pilot Program.


Vice President

Diane (Gaeanna) Ocello
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Florine Jones
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Sheryl Deverteuil-Alexis
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Chief Steward

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Local News
Labor Rep

Diane Grady
(800) 292-0542 Ext x116

A Message from Diane Grady, your Local Labor Rep.

If you are not receiving e-mail updates please email me with your contact information. E-mail is the fastest way to send information during negotiation time.


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