Essex County Hospital Center
Meet Your Officers:

Beatrice Mebude
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President's Message

Local Officer Elections were held at the March 13th Membership Meetings. Congratulations Beatrice Mebude on being elected President. Congratulations Lauren Luciano on being elected Treasurer. Sylvia Mugala has been appointed Secretary by your Local Officers in accordance with the JNESO by-laws.
A very special thank you to Nancy Cursi-Vogel for your many years of service to the Members and to the Union!
Your Labor Rep. will be planning rounds on evenings and the night shift in the near future.
Your contract expires at the end of the year. Surveys will be mailed to your homes in the summer.
The County is planning a new time clock system and is vigorously enforcing the Time & Attendance Policy.
Your Local Officers continue to work hard on your behalf, if you are disciplined for any reason, please contact your Chief Steward Bola Asenuga. 


Vice President

Ozcan Coban
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Sylvia Mugala
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Chief Steward

Bola Asenuga
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Local News

Labor Rep

Karen Arms
(800) 292-0542 Ext x127
We have received several questions about any proposed changes to individual's pensions. To be clear, there are no proposals to change the pensions or benefits of current employees or retirees at this time.

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