Essex County Hospital Center
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Beatrice Mebude
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President's Message

The June 7th Membership Meetings were well attended. It was great to hear from all of you. Issues you brought forth will be addressed at upcoming Labor Management Meetings.
The vote held at the June 7th Business Session regarding recurring expenses passed. Members will only be asked to vote on those expenses that exceed what's already been voted on and approved by the membership.
Everyone now has Short Staffing Forms and information on the reporting of Mandated Overtime. Please ask a Local Officer if you have any questions filling out a Short Staffing Form. Remember to keep a copy for yourself, give a copy to management and send one to the Union.
Look for Contract Negotiation Surveys to be sent to your homes in early September!
Your Local Officers continue to work hard on your behalf, if you are disciplined for any reason, please contact your Chief Steward Bola Asenuga. 


Vice President

Ozcan Coban
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Sylvia Mugala
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Chief Steward

Bola Asenuga
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Local News

Labor Rep

Karen Arms
(800) 292-0542 Ext x127
We have received several questions about any proposed changes to individual's pensions. To be clear, there are no proposals to change the pensions or benefits of current employees or retirees at this time.

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