Bacharach Institute for Rehabilitation
Meet Your Officers:

Amie Babischkin
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President's Message

Congratulations Bacharach Members on the ratification of your new two (2) year contract!!! Members voted overwhelmingly to approve the new contract. Thank you to everyone who came out to vote!
If you are called to a meeting to discuss ANYTHING regarding your nursing practice, make sure you request a Union Steward or Local Officer attend the meeting with you. 
There has been an increase in the number of Short Staffing Forms submitted; please continue to fill-out a Short Staffing Form for shifts that are understaffed or you feel you have inadequate support to deliver safe patient care.


Vice President

Christine Salmon
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Danielle Hong
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Kayce Naylor
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Chief Steward

Leanne MacGillivray
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Local News

A special thanks to all nurses who stepped forward to be Stewards and for providing Short Staffing documentation. Shop Stewards are still needed at the Renaissance, if you are interested in becoming a Steward, please contact a Local Officer or your Labor Rep. Diane Grady (below)

JNESO collaborated with Management to increase funding for scholarships above and beyond Tuition Reimbursement secured in our Collective Bargaining Agreement. Contact your manager to apply for a scholarship.

Labor Rep

Diane Grady
(800) 292-0542 Ext x116
If you have any questions or concerns please contact me.

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